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Coloured Glass Worktops

Coloured glass kitchen worktops can be back painted in a wide range of colours, cut to any size and shape from a single sheet of toughened glass, giving your kitchen a luxury designer look. Coloured glass worktops create a perfectly flat, waterproof, hygienic, heat resistant to 250ºC and easy to clean work surface for your kitchen.
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All of our coloured glass worktops are produced as one-off, bespoke designs. Even though most of our glass worktops are made for kitchens, they have also been used in bars, restaurants, hotels, commercial properties and even a luxury yacht. Anywhere a traditional countertop is used, a coloured back painted glass worktop can take its place.

Glass Kitchen Worktop FAQ

Here are some answer to the common questions about painted glass kitchen worktops.

What is the range of colours available?

We can back-paint the splashback with any RAL or BS colour including solid colours, metallics, granite and glitter effects.

Are coloured glass worktops only for use in kitchens?

With glass being waterproof, non-porous and very easy to clean, toughened glass worktops can be used in bathrooms, wet rooms and shower rooms and cubicles too. They can be used in place of any tradition countertop would have been used - breakfast bars, reception areas, table tops, shelves, window cills - the possibilities are endless.

Do glass worktops have to be rectangular?

Glass worktops can be cut and the edges polished to any shape you care to design - our computer controlled machines can cut very complicated curves. 

What about holes for hobs and sinks?

No problem - our glass worktops are cut to size, holes drilled and cutouts made using the latest glass processing equipment, all controlled by computer to accuracies of fractions of a millimetre. Rollings have invested over £1 million in glass processing machines to make glass worktops for your kitchen.

How big can a single glass countertop be?

We can go to 4.2 metres for a countertop cut from a single piece of glass.

Can the glass worktop be 'L' shaped?

We can cut 'L' shaped glass worktops, please call or contact us for the maximum size.

Can drainage grooves be cut into the glass surface?

Drainage grooves and any other designs can be cut into the glass worktop surface - the glass worktops are 19mm thick, so any grooves don't affect the structural performance of the glass worktop.

Can I chop vegetables on the glass surface?

Yes, but you would be better using a chopping board, as you would on traditional worktop surfaces.

Can I put hot pans on the glass worktop?

Yes, all of our glass worktops for use in the kitchen are made from toughened glass that can withstand 250ºC so are perfectly suitable for use in a kitchen.

Do you deliver glass worktops to Bradford?

Our fleet of delivery vans regularly deliver glass kitchen worktops all over North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and South Yorkshire including Leeds, Bradford, York, Harrogate, Ripon, Northallerton, Knaresborough, Wetherby, Tadcaster, Sheffield, Hull, Skipton, Ilkley, Keighley & Newcastle and Teeside.

What is the delivery time for a glass worktop?

Around 10 - 14 days depending on the size and complexity of the worktop.

What do I need to start?

A template made from MDF of the exact size with holes & cutouts in or we can work from drawings. Your existing worktop could make a good template.

Can I come and see a glass kitchen worktop?

Of course, we have a showroom with full size demonstration areas and samples of the colours and options you can have on your glass kitchen worktop.

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