Glass Splashbacks

Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Coloured glass splashbacks are now a popular, modern design choice for kitchens and bathrooms . They provide a beautiful, hard wearing yet versatile surface, which is sleek and stylish. Glass is one of the most hygienic surfaces available, it does not absorb liquids or bacteria making it the perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms.
Rollings Glass manufacture glass splashbacks and upstands which are cut to shape to suit the contours of your fitted units, electrical points and tap fittings.Our glass splashbacks can be supplied in Lacobel pre-lacquered glass or we can paint glass to any of our standard range of colours.
 We can also colour match to your own colour (including RAL / DULUX or Farrow and Ball etc).
We can supply splashbacks so that you or your kitchen fitter can install the glass, or we offer a full template, supply and installation service.
Please visit our Harrogate showroom where you can see examples of Kitchen and bathroom splashbacks. Samples of our colour range are available to take away and try in your home. We always recommend you do this as lighting and fittings can alter the appearance of glass


Lacobel coloured glass splashbacks

 Lacobel is pre-lacquered or pre-varnished glass that comes in a range of standard colours which makes it a more cost-effective solution to having a coloured glass kitchen splashback. The delivery and lead times for Lacobel can be much shorter than standard painted glass. The maximum single size length of Lacobel glass is 3200mm. Lacobel can be cut to any shape and have any corners and / or cut-outs etc but cannot be toughened. Lacobel can withstand temperatures of up to 80°C, therefore it is unsuitable for use near a naked flame heat source, however some lacobel colours can be colour matched and a mix of Lacobel  and painted toughened glass can be used to keep the cost down.

Lacobel colours

Painted glass splashbacks

To make our Painted glass splashbacks we use high quality Float glass which is cut to size and any radius corners, holes or cut-outs added before the glass is painted on one side using the latest glass painting technologies.
We have a standard range of colours which we use alternatively we can paint glass to match any colour. When colour matching we recommend using Low ion glass to achieve a better match.
Painted glass can be supplied in toughened and non toughened form. A combination of the two types of glass can be used. 
Toughened glass can withstand temperatures upto 250°C and a greater temperature difference across the whole panel, making it suitable for use behind any hob. 

Painted Glass
Mirror Splashbacks

Mirrors are an attractive, practical alternative  to painted glass . The reflection allows for the impression that the room is bigger than it really is, Since mirrors reflect the natural light, they can also add brightness to a room.
Splashbacks can be manufactured in plain silvered, grey tinted, bronze tinted or antique patterned glass. 
Our standard mirrored glass can be used for areas where toughened glass is not needed. Where toughened glass is needed we can provide toughened glass which we then silver in a standard or bespoke mirror finish.

Coloured Glass Kitchen Splashback FAQ

Fitting glass Splashback factsheet

 Fixing – Your splashback can be bonded with a high quality mirror adhesive/non aggressive glue (not silicone with acetic acid) directly to your wall for a seamless finish or alternatively drill holes can be added to screw the glass to the wall for easy removal with decorative coverheads.

Can a glass splashback be used behind the hob?

Yes, all of our glass splashbacks for use in the kitchen can be made from toughened glass. The advantage of using 6mm toughened glass is it is able to withstand a higher temperature of up to 250°C and a greater temperature difference across the whole panel. If using non-toughened, the glass can withstand temperatures of up to 80°C. Non-toughened glass can break if there is a temperature difference of 30°C or more on the same sheet of glass. For instance, a hot cooking vessel that touches the glass could cause it to break. Taking into account the above mentioned, we can mix using toughened and non-toughened glass to keep the cost down. Depending on the specification and installation of the mirror, we can generally manufacture mirrors up to 3 metres x 2 metres.
Shade card

How many colours are available?

We can back-paint the splashback with any RAL or BS colour including solid colours, metallics, granite and glitter effects.
Colour chart
Colours for clear glass
Metallic colours

What Lacobel colours do you stock?

Lacobel colours range
We keep the above colours in stock, using one of these colours will result in shorter delivery times.

The paints used for Lacobel can withstand temperatures of up to 80°C. Special note for splashbacks: Non-tempered glass can break if there is a temperature difference of 30°C or more on the same sheet of glass. For instance, a hot cooking vessel that touches the glass could cause it to break

What are the advantages over tiling?

Glass kitchen splashbacks can be made in one single piece so there is no grouting, which makes using a glass splashback easier to clean and more hygienic.

How big can a single glass kitchen splashback be?

We can go to 4.2 metres for a single splashback for toughened painted glass.
Lacobel pre-painted glass can only be up to 3200mm or 3.2m.

Are glass splashbacks only for use in kitchens?

With glass being waterproof, non-porous and very easy to clean, toughened glass splashbacks can be used in bathrooms, wet rooms and shower rooms and cubicles.

Do glass kitchen splashbacks have to be rectangular?

Glass splashbacks can be cut and the edges polished to any shape you care to design. Kitchen glass splashbacks tend to be square because many have cupboards over the worktop.

What about holes for switches and sockets?

No problem - our glass splashbacks are cut to size, holes drilled and cutouts made using the latest glass processing equipment, all controlled by computer to accuracies of fractions of a millimetre. Rollings have invested over £1 million in glass processing machines to make glass splashbacks for your kitchen.

What do I need to start?

A template made from MDF of the exact size with holes & cutouts in or we can work from drawings.

Do you deliver glass kitchen splashbacks to York?

Our fleet of delivery vans regularly deliver glass kitchen splashbacks all over North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and South Yorkshire including Leeds, Bradford, York, Ripon, Northallerton, Knaresborough, Wetherby, Tadcaster, Sheffield, Hull, Skipton, Ilkley, Keighley & Newcastle and Teeside. 

What is the delivery time for a glass kitchen splashback?

Around 10 - 14 days depending on the size and complexity of the splashback.

Any other special finishes?

Even though a glass splashback is easy to clean, we can apply Ritec ClearShield which makes the glass non-stick, anti-microbial and best of all cuts cleaning in half!

Can I come and see a glass kitchen splashback?

Certainly, we have a showroom with full size demonstration areas and samples of the colours and options you can have on your kitchen splashback.
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